We carry out all kinds of installations, whether in domestic or commercial plumbing, with the technical advice you need.

Offering a fast and efficient service, customized budgets, with our team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience.

Installations in pipes, blockages, humidity, taps, heaters, pressure groups, thermos, water softeners, tanks, osmosis systems, etc …

Reforms in kitchens and bathrooms with masonry service.

We offer advice and budgets without commitments, guaranteed work and without surprises, TO OFFER YOU THE BEST SOLUTION

Thousands of boilers and heaters break down daily due to encrusted lime. We can avoid this type of problem with a timely descaling, if you suspect that you have lime in the pipes, request our descaling service.

At Instalaciones Laura Monzó, we decalcify all types of pipes, with NON-ABRASIVE products, its concentrated formula contains corrosion inhibiting agents to ensure the protection of your equipment.

We also remove lime from all types of machines, circuits and installations.

With our decalcifications you will also avoid that the taps, the mechanisms of the cisterns, tanks, thermos and a long etc. from deteriorating or breaking.

In Instalaciones Laura Monzó we offer in our descaling, the subsequent revision of filters, cisterns and taps.