How does a gas condensing boiler work?

Condensing boilers are gas boilers that take advantage of the heat generated by cooling the water vapor contained in the combustion fumes before they go down the chimney. Thus achieving high efficiency, taking advantage of the heat from combustion and transforming it into energy.

This recovered heat is used to preheat the water, which returns colder from the heating circuit and the boiler burner is finished heating, thus requiring less gas.

Emission reduction // energy savings and efficiency of 98%

How to choose your best boiler?

Size of the home, number of rooms to be air-conditioned, taking into account that a single-family home is not the same as a flat.
Number of taps, bathrooms, to determine the need for domestic hot water in the home.
Take into account the geographical area where the boiler is installed, to know the outside temperature.

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